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Colombian Vice blames US for slavery!

Colombian Vice blames US for slavery! While we are looking one way, there is more happening the other way. The new Vice President of Colombia blames US for slavery and demands reparations.

“The United States should be the first country to acknowledge that it’s global politics have helped keep people of color around the world and in Africa in a state of subjugation. Countries that have participated in slavery such the U.S. and colonialism such as Europe, are the ones that have their black population living without the barest of necessities, in a state of deprivation and poverty. Those countries most responsible for colonialism and slavery are today’s developed countries, the world superpowers, which paradoxically also emit the most greenhouse gases ,which impact black people, Indigenous people, and women mostly. The United States should be at the forefront of reparations. I know there’s been some reckoning, some conversations about acknowledging that this the U.S. is responsible for slavery and racism and now also climate change. And now it’s necessary to translate that reckoning into concrete corrective action.”

— Francia Márquez Mina, vice-president, Colombia

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