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Civil War......coming or here already?

Many assert that a civil war is coming. Others wish for it. News flash! We are in it! No, not a war of rifles, maybe not yet, but one of information for the future of America. The world runs on illusions. There’s nothing people won’t believe if it’s presented convincingly and with authority. Today, the civil war is of political histrionics, social media perversions of truth, violent street mobs destroying and looting directly challenging authorities, and financial warfare upon the middle and working class Americans. Plus, we have foreign players, particularly the Chinese Communist Party, funding and actively stoking the national chaos for their desired outcome, the defeat of Donald Trump. Our civil war today is fundamentally, one of a struggle between a Constitutional view of America and those of a global citizen perspective. Essentially, a conflict between the “Somewheres” and the “Anywheres.” A term coined by former Canadian Prime Minister Harper. The “Somewheres” are anchored by faith, family, work, country and national traditions. The “Anywheres” seek to remove faith, replace the family, handout living assistance, erase borders and engage in a perpetual busy-body navigation of a never-ending ocean of ideas on how we all should live our lives. That’s where we are today. Who knows where we’ll be tomorrow. Maybe, in a fox hole.

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