By all means necessary!

Mother Earth retaliates with Fire for eco-crimes. Not so fast.

To your garden variety environmentalists, Mother Earth Gaia idolaters, eco-warriors, or just plain opportunistic leftist politicians, the recent fires on the Left coast, pun intended, are the result of the Earth’s immune system attacking the virus that is humanity as a consequence of human made climate change. Well, as always, truth is relative to your perceived reality but, if you are willing to engage in pragmatism, what you discover can challenge even your pre-conceived notions. Case and point, the strategy of “scorched earth.”

Scorched Earth was a strategy adopted by the retreating Soviets in WW2. The logic behind this – all consuming practice – was to deny the advancing Germans access to anything that could become a logistical asset. All vehicles, fuel, weapons, ammunition, structures such as hospitals and factories, communication sites, bridges, crops and livestock, and in some cases, whole towns and villages, people included, etc. This strategy was exported by the Soviets to revolutionaries wreaking havoc in their respective countries, to one degree or other, of success. Then came the most vile of all communists, American communists whom the Soviets referred to as useful idiots. In one of their training manuals, it explained in detail the advantages of burning not only strategic assets such as refineries and power plants, but also random fires everywhere including forests and crops to create chaos and instill fear. Ironically, Gaia’s father was Chaos. The objective was multi-faceted. Forests to destroy natural resources, disrupt building supplies, and consume rural structures as it spreads. Crops to reduce food supplies and create anxiety and food shortage riots. And of course, consume fire-fighting resources and other logistics.

Behind most of these (not all) West coast fires, are hard-core Marxists, nihilists, and anarchists, including just plain criminal elements. The New Left is dangerous because it embraces its appeals in idealistic terms. It sounds noble, professes to fight racial and social injustice, and demands lives of fulfillment for all human beings—a goal which it is totally incapable of delivering. These new leftists are more destructive in their methods than any radical groups we have known in the American Communist movement. The New Left is clear as to how to destroy what it is against. It knows how to seek out grievances, real or manufactured, to recruit minorities and our young and poison their minds. Like the saying goes, “Attend a state university, and in four years, you will come out an atheist and a Marxist.”

Intercepted internal ANTIFA communication and bragging posts, seen on social media, clearly indicate ANTIFA elements, aren’t only taking credit, but also encouraging the practice to further create chaos. In fact, multiple arrests have been made of individuals accused of starting fires. You must understand this. The Marxist revolutionaries, the Anarchists, the nihilists and all the other subversive elements rioting in our streets today, will DO WHATEVER IT TAKES AND ALLY THEMSELVES WITH WHOEVER WILL SUPPORT THEIR EFFORTS IN PREVENTING A TRUMP RE-ELECTION. Everything else is relative.

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