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Bill H.R.-127. Elections do have Consequences

The Democrats, unlike Republicans, aren’t afraid to wield power when they have it. They don’t waste their time on what we think of them. They are also intoxicated on that power and convinced of the righteousness of their mandate. And among all the things they will fixate on, there is gun control, of course. It is coming and whether it can be stopped or slowed, remains to be seen.

Bill H. R. 127 is a bold draconian offensive against firearms ownership in the United States. The “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act,” named after a Pakistani exchange student who was killed in a Texas school shooting in 2018, would "provide for the licensing of firearm and ammunition possession and the registration of all firearms" and "prohibit the possession of certain ammunition."

Specifically, the bill would dramatically expand the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Justice Department's ability to regulate gun owners by forcing them to submit information about the make, model, serial number of all firearms they own, the identity of the owner of the firearm, the date the firearm was acquired by the owner, whom the firearm was purchased from and where the firearm is located. A new database would be established that would be accessible to the public. The sponsor of the Bill is non other than Representative Shelia Jackson Lee (D), Texas. But there is more...

Ownership of a firearm would also be restricted to those 21 and older. Individuals who meet the age requirement would have to apply for a federal gun license (FFL) and pass all the licensing requirements. They would then be ordered to undergo "a psychological evaluation." That evaluation would also be extended to "other members of the household” in which the individual resides. If applicant or any members of the family, where the firearms would be located is a veteran, that opens another Pandora’s Box of scrutiny. Oh but there is more...

Those who pass the government's new complex background checks and licensing requirements, would then be compelled to purchase firearm insurance for the cost of $800 per gun. The licensing process would also have to be renewed every year along with the insurance requirements. The bill would also established a tax on ammunition, how much you can buy, and be subject to storage and environmental regulations. It also prohibits any caliber ammunition greater than .50 BMG. The Bill lists a number of prohibited firearms that can be sold, particularly Military style repeating firearms such as all AR models, AKs, and any other similar firearm along with magazines of more than 10 rounds. It’s going to be interesting, to say the least, how far this can go. But, yes there is more.

Like I mentioned on another piece I wrote, President “China Joe Buyden,” is planning on an attempt at repealing the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act.” The Law was enacted to protect firearms manufacturers and sellers of firearms, from civil liability every time a criminal misused a firearm. Much like automakers are not held accountable for deaths or injuries caused by a drunk driver or someone consumed by road rage using a vehicle to cause harm.

Combine Biden’s attempt with Sheila Jackson Lee’s H.R.127, and you can say goodbye to both the firearms industry and the private ownership of firearms in our country. And since it is not a direct attack on the Second Amendment, no one is saying you can’t exercise the Second, the legal case could be made to stick in Court. In fact, they aren’t prohibiting anyone the ownership or use of firearms, just making it more “tedious” and “expensive” beyond most Americans economic means, and at the same time, exposing manufacturers to litigation induced financial ruin. Oh, did I mentioned they are tying some gun control legislation to the Commie-19 relief package? Ahh but there is more... Biden just halted a Trump era rule which prevented banking institutions from discrimination and bias towards gun companies which prevents banks from stopping the companies access to conduct monetary business. It’s coming from all directions, ain't it?

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