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Biden Crime Family

What a circus this latest controversy with Biden is, but the only surprise here is that we, the American people, are actually hearing about it, which makes me suspicious. If you are still able to do adding and subtracting in your head without your phone’s calculator, you know that something doesn’t add up.

The questions we should be asking is why now? Why it has taken two plus years for this to come out? Where is the FBI? Why are Biden’s personal lawyers, who have no security clearance, searching for, handling, and reviewing compartmentalized, sensitive, classified documents? Why the disparity in the DOJ/FBI’s actions between Trump’s declassified documents and Biden’s classified documents in multiple locations?

Even the Democrat base instinctively recognizes that Joe Biden, is the head of a family of Irish grifters, who has made himself and his family generationally wealthy, by selling access to and influence in the government of the United States his entire political career, which amounts to fifty years in the corporation of the District of Columbia.

Most people don’t understand the seriousness and implications of what we have been led to know so far. Joe Biden as Vice-President, or his trusted confidants, were illegally taking classified documents to his residence and other locations. As to why? Well, that doesn’t take a degree in human psychology to do connect the dots.

Biden was either reviewing these documents, particularly those associated with countries his family was doing business with, to use as leverage or to see how much the intelligence community knew of his dealings, or worse. Biden was providing sensitive information to foreign entities in exchange for monetary compensation, which would explain the millions of dollars exchanging hands in a variety of ways.

Take for example Joe’s salary at Penn State as a visiting honoring professor, $1,000,000 dollars, for which he has yet to teach one class. However, Penn State received almost $70,000,000 dollars from undisclosed Chinese donors. And it was at the Penn-Biden institute, paid for by the Chinese donors, that the first batch of classified documents were found.

We also know that the Biden family, has done at least five deals in China, totaling some $31,000,000 dollars arranged by individuals with direct ties to Chinese intelligence — some reaching the very top of China’s spy agency.

Hunter himself, introduced his dad to a company executive in December 2013, when father and son flew to Beijing on Air Force Two. In 2018, the first report on Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Chinese Investment fund called Bihari Harvest or BHR, was exposed. Then there is Burisma and Biden’s Ukraine dealings. And it goes on and on.

My friends, I am an optimist by nature, but a cynic by experience. We would have never known this much so far, if there wasn’t a way out for the Bidens to survive this political disaster without impeachment, or an Orange prison suit.

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