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Be Prepared, Be Alert!

Preparedness is a state of mind meaning that, you must change your perception about the world around you. Like we heard in the great SciFi movie, The Matrix, “nobody can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.” Take the red pill and keep reading.

In our modern world, society has been lured into having a false sense of security, which truth be told, is provided by multiple factors, including our highly advanced technological society, the overreaching nanny-state and the “snowflake” society with their safe spaces, crying closets and healing areas. But the world is a dangerous place made up of three kinds of people. The majority being sheep like the snowflakes. However, among the sheep, patrol the sheep dogs, you know them as police and military, and in the periphery of society, lurk the wolves. You know them as the criminal subculture. Even in this modern world, you are never more than one or two catastrophic life altering events from total chaos and you must be capable not only to survive, but to thrive.

Be aware of what’s going on in the world, about the global economy/financial system, terrorism, global adversaries etc. Prioritize remembering the “rule of three’s” : 1. You can’t survive for more than three weeks without food. 2. Can’t live more than three days without water. 3. Can’t live for more than three minutes without air to breathe.

But there is another very important element to survival. Situational awareness. This means that you must be aware at all times about what’s going on around you. In order to “learn this asset”, you must train both your eyes and your mind, so you’ll be able to instantly indentify all the small yet crucial details in a given situation, while anticipating people’s reactions and assessing potential threats in various scenarios. I know, it sounds complicated, and maybe it is. But that’s the discipline. The best way to survive a violent confrontation is to avoid one. Hence, start practicing reading body language. More precisely, try to analyze how the pitch of a voice, posture and facial expressions change and so on and so forth. Learn to recognize triangulation when multiple subjects are approaching you. You must concentrate particularly on eye’s movements and the movement of the skin around the eyes if feasible. Reading body language is a skill the youth of today lack with the proliferation of social media. Reacquaint yourself with this survival skill and teach your youngsters.

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