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Battlefield ANTIFA

Despite the destruction and violence that we’ve all seen in Portland, some Democrats are in complete denial. Or they’re just liars. Take your pick. Either way is a losing preposition as these are the people running our country, making careers out of public service. The founders never intended for public service to be a lifetime career and for citizens to stay in office in perpetuity. On Sunday, reporter Austen Fletcher, who goes by “Fleccas,” asked one of the most powerful Democrats in Congress about the riots. His response was beyond stunning. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and he sees no problem at all in Portland. When Fleccas asked him about the Antifa violence in the city, the congressman replied that it was just “a DC myth.” The truth is, Antifa and other leftist revolutionaries, are destroying private and public property and hurting law enforcement officers in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and every other city consumed by mob violence. The scene on the ground is entirely out of control. The term, Elections have consequences, has never been so true, and the level of incompetence displayed by the dilettantes running these blue cities and states is beyond ridiculous. It’s absurd. It’s tragic and frustrating. What does it say about the people who elected them?

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