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Are you panicked yet?

It all boils down to this: COVID-19 will be the permanent crisis that the ruling class elites will exploit to wage a full-scale war on the American system of representative government. The Democrat-CIA-Media Axis has been instrumental in prosecuting the conflict, as they were, in the Russiagate and Ukraine fiasco. They are the shock troops who execute the battleplan of economic strangulation, covert skulduggery, and relentless disinformation. By the time the American people figure out what’s going on they will find themselves in a very different country. The pandemic was never about science or logic, and it certainly wasn’t about saving lives. It was always about power, pure, unalloyed political power. The power of total control. The power to push the economy into a free-fall destroying millions of jobs and businesses. The power to bail out Wall Street. The power to create a permanent underclass on basic living assistance. And the power to fundamentally restructure human relations so that normal intimacies like handshakes, hugs or social gatherings are entirely banned on a generation already inept at social skills and human interaction due to the addiction to social media. This, of course, was the most ambitious part of the project, the basic changes to human interaction. The New Order believes that the individual must be isolated, reprogramed, desensitized and kept in a constant state of fear to be more easily controlled and manipulated. That’s COVID-19. A fairly-mild Flu infection that kills roughly 1 in every 500 people being used to scare the human race into submission and control. And what is another consequence of that? The public is adopting a personality disorder— paranoid delusions and irrational-primal fear— and this fear of disease is causing mass panic. Mass panic turns people into snitches and brutes. Scratch the thin veneer of what we call civilized culture and what you uncover is a savage waiting to be set free.

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