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Are We In a Functionally Insane World?

Every now and then, I enjoy the unusually well written, acted and produced SciFi movie. In one such intense and shockingly pleasing movie I saw recently, a revelation was made in the closing scenes. Everyone in the movie was insane to one degree or another. Which brings me to this question. Given the incrementally absurd and upside down world today, are we insane? And if so, what is the cause? Environmental, technological, or is the human evolutionary process leading us to crazy?

These are legitimate question. I'm not referring to true debilitating insanity. But a collective degradation of reasoning in humans, which allows for day to day function in society, but manifests itself through the right stimulating conditions. Take for example the fear of being eaten alive. Something that could be associated with some distant encoded memory of the time when we were hunter-gatherers. That could be an explanation for stampedes caused by panicking crowd as in the recent incident in Israel. Just a thought.

While animals focus on the present only, humans on the other hand, "sit and worry" about what will happen in three hours, three days, or three months from now. Our ability to think things over, and over, can be counterproductive and lead to obsessive tendencies. Although many mental health issues today may be caused by the overly-functional human brain, others could be a result of our modern relentless 24-hour news cycle. The constant bombardment of negative news (fear porn) does affect the brain. Have you ever heard of the word "Menticide?"

It is the systematic and intentional undermining of a person's conscious mind. It is a term used to describe the killing of the mind. The disruption of reasoning. The atrophy of thought. The making of a compliant mind through structured conditioning. Menticide is a critical component of totalitarianism. It conditions the masses to accept passive subjugation as in the interest of public safety through psychosis of fear.

Take Covid-19, for example. This new Coronavirus Flu, has brought people to a level of emotional stress, fear and irrational behavior, that some mental-health experts are calling it "Covid Anxiety Disorder." It is everywhere. Let me give you two examples. Just the other day I saw a woman driving in her car with the windows up, wearing two masks under a face shield and rubber gloves. Fine, whatever makes you feel safe.

Then I drive up to a CVS pharmacy's drive- through window to pick up a prescription. I'm not wearing a mask. I ring the bell and a pharmacist appears behind the two inch bulletproof glass and says to me through a microphone: "sir you need to wear your mask." To which I respond: I'm in my car and you are indoors behind that glass speaking to me through a microphone." Without blinking she again says I must wear a mask. Of course this time she threatens me with no service. I needed the prescription, so I had to comply. Although this was a small isolated incident, it is a harbinger of the tyranny to come.

Even though credible studies exist, from recognized authorities in the field of medical research, that previously infected people have antibodies that fight off reinfection, me, and that vaccinated people still contract the virus and spread it, my brother-in-law, they continue to push the EUA vaccines. Now that the Pfizer vaccine was "illegally" approved by the FDA—they didn't follow the law—they are calling for vaccination mandates for you to participate in society. Which brings us back to my main point. Insanity.

People with aggressive, narcissistic, and often sociopathic personalities, are the easiest to understand; they look out for number one. They have apathy towards anyone else. Many are in positions of power and authority in our society, and they will force compliance out of you one way or the other. They are in political office. They are CEOs of fortune 500 companies. And yes, even a local pharmacist.

As far as nature is concerned. Sometimes unpleasant mental states lead to greater success, so these genes stay in the gene pool.

Natural selection also likely held the door open for disorders such as attention deficit. Quickly abandoning a low stimulus situation was more helpful for male hunters than female gatherers, which may explain why boys are five times more likely than girls to be hyperactive. Similarly, in its mildest form, bipolar disorder, which affects more women than men, can increase productivity and creativity. But now we consider a frightening possibility. Insanity.

But in reality, insanity is a legal concept. Mentally ill is what I meant, particularly, a high-functioning mentally ill person, who can get up and go about their day, go to school or work, and maintain a relatively predictable life. They aren't too majorly impacted by their hidden condition. But impose the right stimuli, and that Mr. Hyde comes out. Or should I say Mrs.Hyde, as most often these functioning mentally ill are women.

Its a fact that, as demonstrated by a recent credited study by the Pew Research Center, that women account for a large number of mental issues in our society today. White women suffered the worst of all in ages 18-29, who identified as liberal, or very politically liberal. They were given a negative mental health diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56.3%, as compared to 28.4% to the politically moderate and 27.3% to the politically and culturally conservative. Several questions arise from this revealing study. Are these women mentally ill because of their ideology? Or are they attracted to their ideology because they are mentally ill? Or are the emerging behavioral and mental issues a byproduct of evolution? The last question scares me the most.

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