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Are humans on a "Universe 25" experiment?

Weeks ago the news of the accidental creation of "zombie rats" at the hands of the team of researchers at Georgia State University, led by neuroscience professor Elliott Albers and university professor Kim Huhman using CRISPR-Cas9 technology and that has led to the transformation of these small docile creatures into completely aggressive beings, has passed almost unnoticed.

Far from surprising me, this news has made me reflect on another famous experiment with rodents, that of Dr. John B. Calhoun (1917-1995). This behavior researcher conducted a series of experiments more oriented towards "overpopulation" but whose main reading and in the light of a Christian vision (because rats of course do not share the same intrinsic dignity as human beings) can be focused on the utopian city that the researcher created for his animals-objects of study.

In 1972 Calhoun created a utopian city for them called "Universe 25" where food and water were unlimited, the climate perfect and there was abundant nesting material.

Shortly after, the rodents began to have unusual behaviors: violence, cannibalism, sexual deviations, infanticide, to the point of losing all purpose and becoming extinct.

Any similarity to our current society may not be coincidental.

Recently another ''animal'' caught my attention: a viral video of a man playing and petting a virtual dog in a public park thanks to an augmented reality viewer. An image that shows us the weak part of our Western world and a metaphor of modernity in general, because without a doubt that man who plays and pampers a dog in a park that only exists in the virtual universe does not clean his waste, does not bathe or take him to the vet.

A virtual dog is cheaper, less troublesome and requires less responsibility, he makes it appear and disappear with the push of a button... just like almost everything in the virtual world: today it can be erased and canceled those whose opinion makes somebody feel uncomfortable and, as the musician Ricardo Iorio says, these devices often become when they are misuses only mediating elements between reality and the human being.

The evil pandemic hyper mediatization, terminology such as "new normality" or "meta universes" reveal the historical constant of man wanting to be the one who by himself redefines and subverts everything.

Philosophically, reality is based on the natural and common desire of all men to know that same reality with their intelligence, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, living reality and making it healthy is in itself a great contribution to truth and sanity in today's world. Sooner or later reality imposes itself, and since it becomes clearer every day that some people are trying to lead us to a third world war (hopefully not), its arrival will be devastating for many people who, far from thinking of defending his Country and his Family, strengthen his Faith or even survive and defend himself, since they prioritized making a cult of his subjective emotions, ideologies and whims.

Such a scenario, however, would bring them a justification on the other hand: their personal failures would no longer need to be attributed to the patriarchy, the white man or the police, but simply to a warlike scenario. At that time, faced with a new justification, progressive liberal ideologies would probably disappear.

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