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ANTIFA Is A Clear And Present Danger

This past weekend a group of the local chapter of the John Brown Gun Club, an ANTIFA affiliated organization, came to Roanoke, TX, armed for bear to provide security at a drag queen event. Police maintained a presence at the event, which took place at the Anderson Distillery and Grill in Roanoke, Texas.

Approximately 20 children and multiple self-proclaimed teachers attended the event where drag queens performed and collected dollar bills from the children according to footage of the event obtained by journalist Tayler Hansen.

I have talked about these leftoids in the past but since they have been keeping a low profile in the last couple of years, most people have forgotten about them. But they have been very busy arming and training for what they see as an inevitable war against Conservative Americans. So I have decided to revisit the topic.

The word ANTIFA is a truncated word for anti-fascist. But this is in itself, a misnomer. According to Germany’s domestic Intelligence Service, the BfV, when ANTIFA members speak of “fascism,” they are actually saying “capitalism.”

These modern day street thugs trace their roots to the Weimar Republic of 1930's Germany. The fact is that ANTIFA, is a revolutionary movement predominantly composed of young, self-identified communists, socialists, and anarchists. A loose federation or coalition whose membership comes from other fringes of society, transsexual-feminists, environmentalists, societal misfits, miscreants, and the Pacific Northwest culture of transient youths. One membership in particular, is of concern. War veterans. More on that later.

The majority of its members are Caucasian, but all other ethnic groups are represented. The Rose City ANTIFA, or RCA, in Portland, Oregon, is the oldest existing group in the country. ANTIFA’s main recruitment grounds are American colleges and universities, where there exists

an almost inexhaustible source of radicalized young minds, courtesy of the tenured, cultural-marxist faculties. There, young impressionable minds are taught to hate the country, it’s founders, it’s heroes, and above all else, Capitalism.

A former member of the group, Gabriel Nadales, recently said that: “To be part of ANTIFA is to do two things. One is to share their violent ideology and be willing to fight for them. And the second is to actually do it. It’s not just about having anti-Conservative views.” And there lies the danger.

Not only to destroy “capitalism” but the country. To purge the country of all those who believe in it and support it, conservatives, veterans, police etc. Another former member, a German named Bernd Langer, confirmed that the phrase “anti-fascist,” means “anti-capitalism.” And that these labels are “battle concepts” part of a political vocabulary. At rallies they chant, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all.”

Although the group is [believed] to have no unifying organizational structure and is generally decentralized, they do have some sort of leadership and chain of command in an Ad-Hoc basis. They also have chapters in over 40 states and at least 60 cities nationwide. They have initiation procedures, security protocols and lectures on direct action or "DA."

ANTIFA operates training seminars with power points for their members on guerrilla warfare, rioting, logistics, group coordination, improvised weaponry, evasion and escape tactics, legal council etc. They also have different tactical units. The “recon-scouts” who monitor police radio waves, locations and activities. They locate opposition groups and determine their strength.

Then there have street medics who are trained to aid casualties and evacuate them. There are the teams that provide improvised weapons such as Molotov Cocktails, bricks, water bottles filled with hardened cement etc, and those who use them. They have a sophisticated encrypted method of communication using social media.

They have been photographed using military grade radios and earpieces were ANTIFA scouts in reconnaissance missions, convey tactical information to some sort of command center. They have the ability to transport hundreds of members across the country “to and from” staging areas at a moment’s notice. They provide, among other benefits, bail, legal representation, medical treatment, and monetary rewards for verifiable destruction such as, Arson.

This cost money so they obviously have a source of funding which comes, from a variety of activists organizations. These organizations receive funding from the philanthropy of some of the world’s wealthiest. The money is almost impossible to trace as it passes from organization to organization a dozen times over before it gets to them.

ANTIFA also has a of “how-to-manual.” A book written by Mark Bray, the Chair Professor of Comparative Education in the Comparative Education Research Centre, at the University of Hong Kong.

ANTIFA’s core belief is NOT what they profess to stand for, “anti-fascism,” but instead they are “anti-free market capitalism,” and as such, anti-America as we know it. ANTIFA believes that physical violence “is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective.” Their behavior certainly does not resemble traditional political activism; it has more of a military feel to it.

The practice of dressing in black with a red bandanna covering their faces is a tactic of solidarity, recognition, intimidation and protection from prosecution. They call it “Black Bloc.”

ANTIFA members claim to be anti-fascists but there is no difference between ANTIFA and Neo-Nazis groups, other than symbols and slogans. Both groups practice violence and preach hate, thus they are morally indistinguishable. Both are evil, and they need to be condemned especially when they dare to commit acts of violence in our midst to advance their hateful visions.

ANTIFA has chapters in many countries and is exponentially expanding into others. ANTIFA first appeared in Italy and Germany in the 1930s, but was more predominant in Germany as the paramilitary wing of the German Communist Party known as the “Antifaschistische Aktion” or Antifascist Action.

As a matter of fact, ANTIFA’s flag and symbolism is a mirror image of the German Antifascist Action flag which they print today in both English and German.

In North America, the antifascism movement emerged from the punk music scene of the 1980s as Anti-Racist Action groups forced out neo-Nazi skinheads who gravitated towards punk music.

But ANTIFA aren’t the only one ones wreaking destruction upon our cities. Other such radical leftist groups, have allied themselves to ANTIFA and are rioting. Some of these include, Communist Party USA, Freedom Road Socialists, Liberation Road, Democratic Socialists of America, Revolutionary Communist Party, Workers World Party and others.

But the destruction of Capitalism isn’t all they seek. They want to purge the country of those they deem undesirables. You know the types. The deplorable Hillary talked about. The semi-Fascists Biden referred to. But there is another element embedded in the violence, Muslim gangs and other immigrants from third world countries like Ethiopia. Yes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” at play here too. This is more prominent in Europe but they are here doing the same.

ANTIFA is far are more dangerous than America knows. Unbeknownst to most, ANTIFA has trained combat veterans within its ranks from the US military and also American mercenaries of foreign struggles. They aren’t only experienced fighters but instructors to their members.

Most of the non-US military service veterans, received their armed training from the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers' Party in Syria through its military arm there, the YPG. Americans know the Kurds as our allies. They are some of the best fighters we had against ISIS but what America doesn’t know is that the Kurds are “Marxist-Leninists” and “Maoists.” Their alliance to us is one of convenience. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” again sort of thing again. But this poses much more danger than you think.

Since 2014, hundreds of foreigners travelled to northern Syria to join the ranks of the Marxist YPG, which has relied on a savvy PR campaign utilizing social media, to find financial support and fighters. Then came the American misguided youths. The westerners who joined the YPG were an odd group. They were the usual array of leftists, anarchists, and unemployed college graduates. They were ex-marines, dreamy adventurers, adrenaline junkies and atheists. The volunteers travelled to Syria from American cities through European stops without any hindrance under the watch of the Obama administration. Upon their return, they were hardly ever looked at or even less, investigated. Now they are ANTIFA’s special operators and advisers on weapons and tactics.

In conclusion. We should all be repulsed by the sight of our fellow Americans carrying the banners of either movement, whether they are waving the red flags of Communism or the black flags of Nazism. Yet we are not. We seem to be more accepting of Communists.

But it shouldn’t be a surprise. The New York Times recently published no fewer than six opinion pieces defending Communism, including essays praising Lenin as a conservationist, explaining why Stalinism inspired Americans, and arguing that the Bolsheviks were romantics at heart and that women had better sex under communism. No wonder we tolerate them. Too many Americans and institutions promoting this insidious ideology. But ignore ANTIFA at your peril.

ANTIFA’s true goal is the destruction of Capitalism, and In doing so, the complete destruction of America as we know it. ANTIFA believes in the justification of violence. They are expanding their memberships. They are learning from their mistakes. They are arming. They are training. They believe in the tenet the “end justifies the means” and as such, it will not be long before they engage in egregious acts of indescribable violence.

Anyone unafraid to attack armed police will not hesitate to attack unarmed civilians, regardless of age or gender. It’s only a matter of time. Deal with them today or fight them in your neighborhood and at your mailbox tomorrow.

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