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Another Pennsylvania Conman Politician

For generations, Braddock, Pennsylvania, was a real place but then inevitably, the steel plant closed and the usual disasters arrived — unemployment, hopelessness, drugs. People left by the thousands, but one man saw an opportunity in Braddock. Not an opportunity for the town, but an opportunity for himself. That man’s name was John Fetterman.

Fetterman was 35 years old and had never in his life had a real job. Fetterman was not from Braddock. He grew up in an affluent neighborhood four hours away. Fetterman had spent his adult life going to school. First to business school, then to Harvard for a so-called Masters of Public Policy, which for the uninitiated, is an utterly meaningless document that you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in order to tell people that you went to Harvard.

But in Fetterman’s case, it wasn’t expensive at all. It was free. His dad paid for it and paid for everything else. As the Philadelphia Inquirer put it, “For a long stretch, lasting well into his 40s, deep into middle-age, Fetterman’s main source of income came from his parents.

In other words, John Fetterman was a classic trustafarian, a flaky, middle-aged beneficiary of a family trust fund looking for a purpose in life and in Braddock, Pennsylvania, he found one. In 2005, a year after arriving in Braddock, Fetterman announced he was running for mayor and amazingly, boldly, given that he was a professional student living off his rich family, John Fetterman decided to run as a blue-collar populist – but as usual for a pro-Democrat shallow media, they asked no questions. They loved him. In John Fetterman, the media saw themselves. He was just like them.

So, Fetterman narrowly won the race and then the campaign to boost John Fetterman's career to a national level began in earnest. The Guardian newspaper described John Fetterman as the "coolest mayor" in the country. The New York Times told its readers, who typically don't know any better, that John Fetterman had "turned the busted town of Braddock, PA, into a national symbol of hope, hard work and authentic blue jeans."

What were the results? How did Braddock, Pennsylvania, fare under the leadership of John Fetterman? That’s really the only question that matters and again, we want to be as fair and objective as we can be. As mayor, according to public records obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Fetterman missed more than a third of the borough's monthly meetings.

Fetterman was off instead at the Aspen Institute. The famous think tank of Humanistic Studies. The institute's stated aim is the realization of "a free, just, and equitable society." The institute is headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States, and has campuses in Aspen, Colorado (its original home), and near the shores of the Chesapeake Bay at the Wye River in Maryland.

In his tenure as the mayor of Braddock, John Fetterman cast only a single vote at a city council meeting and it was a meaningless one at that. It was a procedural vote for borough president. And as for his passion, climate change, John Fetterman did not ignore it, in fact, he talked about climate change endlessly. He made climate change the centerpiece of his administration in Braddock. As for actually running the town or improving the town of Braddock, he was not interested, not even a little bit interested, and that's provable.

So, we’re going to tell you that under his tenure as mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, the seas did not rise. That is true. Braddock is still on dry land. Of course, it’s very far from the ocean, but it’s still dry. So, his climate policies worked. He can be proud of that. But Unfortunately, everything else fell apart in Braddock. People kept fleeing. Braddock’s population is currently at its lowest level ever recorded.

Braddock's population is currently at its lowest level ever recorded. The median income in Braddock, Pennsylvania, is $14,000 a year. More than a third of households in Braddock live below the poverty line. Braddock, by the way, has one of the highest crime rates in the state of Pennsylvania. Yes. This is the guy who made Braddock, more dangerous than some countries. It had a higher murder rate than Honduras and the lowest population ever recorded. Sorry, climate change policies didn't improve the town.

In 2018, shortly after Fetterman left his virtual office, Braddock's per capita murder rate was higher than it is in some of the most dangerous countries in the world. Honduras and Belize are safer than Braddock. So, that's a colossal failure and in a functioning system, a record like this would have disqualified John Fetterman from ever running for anything again. He failed demonstrably as a leader.

So what is Fetterman's intent? Well, how about changing Pennsylvania for his own political benefit. Fetterman would like to flood the state of Pennsylvania with brand-new voters, all of them loyal to the Democratic Party. Fetterman has been in lockstep with the leaders of his party on that question from the very beginning, and that's why he would like to get rid of all barriers that prevent voter fraud, including and especially, voter IDs as soon as possible.

In a fair system, a system that cared about achievement, a meritocratic system, John Fetterman would be leaving politics on the express train and moving on to something like interpretive dance. Try that. Maybe get his dad to pay for ski lessons and move to Aspen or something, but we don't have a functioning meritocracy, much less a functioning political system. We have a very broken one with a ruling Establishment.

So, John Fetterman set his sights even higher. Having wrecked Braddock, he became lieutenant governor and now he plans to run for the United States Senate. What's he going to do if he gets there? Well, if his ideas are to make the entire state of Pennsylvania and the entire country much like Braddock, we are in serious trouble. Take one of his ideas, which he proudly promoted. In 2020, John Fetterman as lieutenant governor, made public comments on giving amnesty to thousands of violent criminals, including murderers.

His hoodie and his fraudulent tattoos. I mean, honestly, this is like the barista in Brooklyn dressing like a lumberjack. Oh, please go back to Oberlin, you fake. So, there's a huge problem here. The guy can't talk, OK? And even CNN has acknowledged that. John Fetterman, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, cannot speak. Get it? He is cognitively challenged due to a stroke.

But people like Fetterman just want power, and the rest of us should be very worried by this. If the Democrat machine can get this guy elected statewide in this nation's fifth-largest state, this guy, an incompetent husk with incredibly stupid and totally provably destructive ideas, a man with no record of achievement at all, a man with a long list of documented failures, a man who by the way, cannot even think clearly — if they can do that, they can do literally anything.

Donald Trump wasn't a politician, he was a great leader that put our Country back on its feet, put our country first. That I do know and what did the Establishment do? They exploited a Flu pandemic to run him out of Washington. Of that there is no doubt. In contrast, John Fetterman is the quintessential new Liberal Democratic candidate.

Fetterman lived off his family's money all his life, got a degree from a far left woke University and now wants to be a senator. Sadly, its the only thing he's qualified for. And in spite of it all, the cognitive challenged Fetterman will win. Why? Because the fix is in.

All of the voting procedures in Pennsylvania are identical to those in 2020, and we all know how well that worked. As Stalin once said, "it doesn't matter who casts the votes, what matters is who counts them," and in Pennsylvania, the Democrats control the counting.

Inspired by the words of Tucker Carlson

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