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And who is the FBI worried about?

“Once they die, we must understand that we can never give them the pain that they gave us... So once they get buried… Once they are buried, we must dig them up and kill them again. Bury them. Dig them up. And kill them again.” He continued; “We’re pushing death to white supremacy. Death to capitalism. Death to imperialism. And death to fascism. We are pushing an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a head for a head and a life for a life. Because the time will come when there’s a ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ and Black Americans will kill everything white in sight.”

— New Black Panthers speaker, at the weekend rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre

At this very moment, there are race-baiters using loudspeakers, social media, the internet, the bully pulpit, campaign speeches, classrooms, news networks, publications, music and concerts, movies, comics, and even corporate and government diversity training classrooms, promoting the advancement of certain ethnic segments of American society while disparaging other Americans, based exclusively on their White-European heritage, and in extreme cases, such as in the speech given by this black militant, for the very killing of all whites.

How long do you think you can continue to yell at Black Americans that they are still victims of systemic oppression from institutional racism and that something needs DONE. That blacks must seek retribution for the grievances of the past, real or imagined, to reach the promised land of equity. All of this while simultaneously attacking and breaking-down—under the pretense of racism—every euro-centric, western-civilization principle, upon which our country was founded on, such as the patriarchally-centered family nucleus, marriage, gender, language, culture, national traditions, celebrations, civic and religious institutions, codes of expected behavior, the very constitution, in fact, the very founding of the country!

Keep this up and the fellowship of humanity will at some point dissolve. The cords of self-restrain will at some point snap under the overwhelming pressure straining its elasticity. How long before some individual, or group, reaches the point where they can't take it anymore? The point were all moral bonds are broken? Then what?

Folks, our country is in danger. The strategy of "divide and conquer" is in full practice in our country today. The perpetrators of this attack are Marxist revolutionaries disguised as activists seeking social justice. Our country is on the verge of experiencing a level of violence not seen since the war between the States. The Biden administration is clueless to the storm that is brewing in our horizon. Or worse, they think they can contain it and harness it to their own political benefit.

If Machiavelli was not the first to invent the evil sophistry pretending to be a philosophy, the dictum "The Ends Justify the Means", he was the first to have that evil dictum eventually accepted on a large scale. And if Hegel was not the first to put Machiavelli's violent stratagem to work in steps, in "Progressivism", he was the first to have his modified version put into political practice on a wide scale. Karl Marx, who was an avid follower of both Machiavelli and Hegel, synthesized their work into his own masterpiece of social revolution, The Communist Manifesto.

American-Cultural Marxism is source of all the subversive agitation dividing our country today and corrupting young impressionable minds with lies from "Critical Race Theory" to the "1619 Project" to the defund the police movement, ALL propagated by the self-proclaimed Marxists of BLM, the Anarcho-Socialist street thugs of ANTIFA, the New Black Panthers, to a hundred other such groups dividing our country today and promoting violent collectivist revolution to overthrow the United States and Capitalism.

And who is the FBI worried about? Those Americans who are pro-Constitution. Pro-America. Pro-Free Market. Our priorities are so skewed that sooner rather than later, "critcal mass" will be upon us. And then what?

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