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Americans Are An Intellectually Challenged Society

Americans are an Intellectually challenged Society. There I said it. But not by accident, nor by the result of some evolutionary process either, but rather, by design. An intentional initiative to "dumb-down" future generations of American through public and private education beginning back in the sixties. The KGB called it "intellectual subversion." And no, its is not the stuff of Hollywood. It is well documented that 80% of the KGB's annual budget wasn't directed at cloak and dagger adventures but psychological warfare.

Take our current President as an example. The Democrats now-a-days, talk a lot about white supremacy and very little about a much more worrying and widespread supremacism threatening us today, that of "idiocy." t is a serious mental defect that can lead even a president of the United States to say something as ridiculous as this and I quote: “The most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today is from white supremacist terrorism.” To speak of mental degeneration in Biden may seem redundant, but in the great immortal words of Forrest Gump: "Stupid is as stupid does."

But in all seriousness, who is really the most lethal threat? I may dare to say there are more than one. Islamic Jihadism ranks up there in the top of the tier. But too many will squirm to hear who I see as "numero uno." Nearly everyone will try and wriggle out. But the honest answer is: COMMUNISM is the real threat! The COMMUNISTS in China and Russia, who have colored themselves for three decades as capitalists and nationalists. But we must not forget the most dangerous of all communists. Those who prowl the streets of Portland, Oregon; who burned buildings in Minneapolis; who looted stores in Chicago; who want to defund the police as they prepare for future revolutionary agitation. Home-grown American Marxists. And they are in every American institution from academia to entertainment to the media to the halls of our government. Hard to believe isn't it? But it is no less true.

Ours is “a falsified picture of the world” which results in an inability to correctly interpret events. Americans are intellectually lacking by design. They do not have a clear idea of who their real enemy is. Cultural-Marxism and their strategic misinformation initiatives. How many American “useful idiots,” active on social media, have been repeating anti-American propaganda and lies? We must must ask ourselves: "Why have Russia and China suddenly become so openly, so undisguisedly, hostile to the United States and its allies? What does the timing of this coordinated anti-American position signify?" I will tell you.

It signifies, quite clearly, the culmination of a long-range strategic plan. It signifies the advent of what KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn called the “one clenched fist”—a moment during the plan’s “final phase” in which China and Russia suddenly acquire an overwhelming strategic superiority—in terms of the larger “balance of power." We should also consider the strategic manufacturing side of the equation. Manufacturing power can be translated directly into military power, as the Chinese have demonstrated.

America’s industrialists were tricked into weakening our manufacturing base using their insatiable quest for profits. One might say they were naïve, or stupid since it never occurred to them that, they were endangering their own existence and their country’s national survival by maximizing their profits and moving American manufacturing to places like China.

But the truth is that, a hundred years ago, Vladimir Lenin foresaw the economic strategy that would eventually destroy capitalism. It is worthwhile to quote from I.U. Annenkov’s manuscript, which attributes the following remarks to Lenin:

"They [the capitalists] will furnish us the means, which will serve for the support of the Communist Party in their countries and, by supplying us materials and technical equipment which we lack, it will restore our military industry necessary for our future attacks against our very suppliers. To put it in other words, they will work on the preparation of their own suicide."

Now that the capitalists have provided the communists with the necessary “materials and technical equipment,” the only thing they lack is a "casus belli" (occasion for war) to justify a nuclear surprise attack. Yes, I know it is the 21st Century, but the threat is no less real.

Our freedom is threatened. Our very existence may be at stake. Every government in the free world has been undermined by communists to one degree or another. Our schools and universities, in particular, have been overrun with Cultural-Marxists and socialist radicals for many years. Our culture has been manipulated by a sophisticated campaign of deception and disinformation to foster "division and chaos."

Both liberals and conservatives have been played by an elaborate misinformation campaign magnified by social media, but gullible, emotionally-driven, well-intended, liberals and their offspring, to a much higher degree. We have been deceived by false narratives such as the NYT's 1619 Project and the academic Critical Race Theory, biased journalists, corrupt politicians and treacherous American communist agent- provocateurs using street activism and social media calling for social justice. And now, in the end game, the knives could come out. Or rather, the missiles.

Inspired by the words of J.R. Nyquist, Epoch Times editorials and other sources

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The mental 2-yr-olds in Portland, etc., are merely the 'useful tools' of the REAL threat: the 'top-out-of-sight' technocrat oligarchs who use ANY ideology to maintain their status. They won't survive the supernatural solution any more than their minions will.

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