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American Oligarchy

If it has become painfully obvious to you, that the country you thought you lived in, doesn't exist, or at least it hasn't in a decade now, you aren't alone. It hasn't. It hasn't at least since the 24-hour news cycle began and the Clinton Administration.

Sure, you still can drive from one coast to the other, if you can afford the gas, without telling anyone nor asking for permission. But the day is coming, when you won't be able to afford the gas, nor will you be allowed to drive you combustion engine vehicle, and you will be forced to request from the local authorities, a travel permit, which will be weighted against a study on the environmental impact your proposed travel can have on the planet. Think I am jesting? Wait for another four Democrat administrations.

The Republic no longer exists. We are living in an American Oligarchy. An America of those with power and those without. Those connected and those who aren't. Let me explain. All of what I Just described is related to the two-tier justice system we are finally painfully aware of. A system that delivers justice not based on the crime, but on a Matrix of political privilege. Put aside everything we already know about Hunter. His drug addiction, his propensity for prostitutes and foreign underage girls, and his family job of selling access to his then, Vice-President dad.

Also put aside the fact that Joe Biden, and his family of grifters, have for almost fifty years, made themselves generationally wealthy, selling access to and influence in the corporation we know as the government of the United States. A practice that accelerated with his then Vice-President position. We already know they all do it. It's a matter only of scale and boldness. Instead, lets talk about Hunter Biden and ATF Form 4473.

The world has known for more than 12 months that Hunter Biden definitely violated federal gun law when he lied on his Form 4473 in 2018. The then, president’s profligate progeny, was a self-admitted cocaine user, yet denied being “an unlawful user of a controlled substance” when he purchased a .38-caliber revolver on the Form.

Now, the ATF, which has no issue raiding homes and businesses with armored vehicles, under the excuse of searching for illegal machine guns (reset triggers or unfinished Ar lower receivers), are stonewalling a Freedom of Information Act Request for information related to the Hunter Biden incident because, “the revelation of any such investigation would constitute an unwarranted invasion of Mr. Biden’s privacy.” What?!?

There is a central hypocrisy at the heart of the gun control effort. High-profile gun control-supporting politicians, the Hollywood elite, and billionaire tycoons, will advocate to strip ordinary Americans of their right to defend themselves and their family, all the while enjoying the security that armed, former military men with guns provide.

As Hunter Biden’s 2018 firearm incident shows, this hypocrisy extends even to incidents where a high-profile individual has taken the step of procuring their own firearm. The message from these elites could not be clearer: Gun laws are only for the little people.

As well-protected politicians and their establishment allies push for new gun controls, ordinary law-abiding Americans should know that these hypocrites have no intention of parting with their own elaborate security measures or being otherwise inconvenienced by the burdens they foist upon the rest of us.

Like I said. We no longer live in a Republic but in an American Oligarchy. A country with an Establishment of those with power and connections, protected by walls, federal agencies, armed men, and a two-tier justice system.

And then there are those without power nor connections, and definitely no privileges. In four more Democrat administrations, no freedom to drive to the other coast, and definitely no means to even defend ourselves either.

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