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American 21st Century Soft-Fascism

How can we make sense of the Biden administration’s project to establish a shadow state in which the federal government achieves its unconstitutional objectives—mask mandates, forced vaccinations, suppression of religious freedom, and free speech—by recruiting private corporations to do its bidding? What is the official name for this government-corporate partnership? Prior to World War Two, it was called Fascism.

Let’s say that you need proof of vaccination to fly on a plane, or to eat at a restaurant, or to go to a baseball game, or to return to work. This would put pressure on citizens to get vaccines or run the risk of being excluded from the basic activities of society. They could hold out and refuse to be vaccinated, but the consequence would be dire: They would, in effect, become marginalized. They will become second-class citizens. They would become targets.

Pause to consider the staggering implications. Social media platforms that were created to foster communication and debate, and were given special immunity from lawsuits—section 230—to foster a vibrant public square, are now the instruments of suppressing public discourse. The very tools of freedom have become tools of oppression—a "clear and present danger" to our Republic itself.

Citizens who don’t fall into line with the enthroned orthodoxies not only face the risk of being kicked off a plane or being fired at work; they also face the risk of being excluded from the public square. In effect, they become “non-citizens” in that their participation in public debate has been circumvented.

To the degree they can’t even communicate with friends, relatives, and other associates, they have virtually become “non-persons,” and all with the active collaboration of the U.S. government. To quote press secretary Jen Psaki, “it’s not enough that one digital platform ban purveyors of supposed misinformation; all platforms must simultaneously ban them." Welcome to America's 21st Century soft- Fascism. Conform, or be cast out.

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