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America Is On The Path To Destruction

It’s hard for principled Americans to witness the duplicity blatantly demonstrated by politicians today, who seem to get away with all the dishonesty and unethical behavior they display while managing to get themselves perpetually re-elected by their electorate. Gross deceit and unabashed arrogance is what we see from our political class today.

Question is at which point in our history, did our Representative Republic, swerved onto the destructive path of a Democracy? Where our creation, the government, servant of the people, became the master and we became the servant – where the nonproductive, who are consumers of the public treasury, elect politicians who promise them even more government benefits at the expense of the majority of productive, wealth-producing Americans.

Somewhere along the way this plan for a Republic went dreadfully wrong. Without any constitutional authority, the republic was transformed into a democracy. Now the President makes law by Executive Order, again without constitutional authority. The Congress absorbed in their self-serving indulgences and consumed by fierce partisanship, is in the constant pursuit of money needed to perpetuate their political lives. The result is a DC establishment class of career politicians, with no accountability and certainly, no remorse as to how they waste the people’s money. As for the Constitution, what Constitution?

Congress created agencies, for which there are no provisions in the Constitution, make and enforce laws the Congress is supposed to make through legislation and debate, with no accountability. Our government has taken from us our common law and the protections it afforded us and replaced it with government-made vulgar laws, that strips us of our freedoms through fictitious statutory laws with no ground in common sense nor justice.

In the founding of this Republic, there were only four federal crimes: treason, counterfeiting, piracy, and crimes against the law of nations. Now there are three thousand federal crimes, three hundred thousand federal administrative regulations, many of which are punishable as crimes, and about eighty-five thousand local governments with five hundred thirteen thousand elected officials, or one in every five hundred people.

We have an estimated forty-five million laws – state, federal and local. God, the Creator of the universe, gave us only ten laws with which to live our lives, and although I fail often, I try to conduct my life by those ten Commandments. It would be impossible, however, to obey forty-five million laws.

Of the fifty-six original signers of the Declaration of Independence, nine did not live to see freedom, five were imprisoned, and seventeen lost everything they had. Their sacrifice for the Constitution of the United States is made meaningless today through revisionist history which diminishes their character to that of white supremacists going to war not to pay taxes.

The organic Constitution that guided this nation through it’s first one hundred years, bringing us sovereignty, liberty and justice, was altered after the Civil War when our government was incorporated in the District of Columbia. The next one hundred plus years was exploited by self-serving politicians of both parties, growing the government to the leviathan we see today, populated by a vast bureaucracy of career officials and agencies unaccountable to [We The People].

Our government has become a self-serving monstrosity that is fed by an ever increasing myriad of taxes extracted from our creativity, entrepreneurship and labor. Soon they will tax the air you breathe. But it also borrows money. Our national debt is over $31,000,000,000,000 trillion dollars, rising at an interest rate of $400,000,000,000 Billion per year in 2022 to $1.2 trillion by 2032, most of which is owed to foreign interests including foreign adversaries, Communist China, in particular.

This poses other critical questions. If the ballot box today no longer delivers the necessary change to throw these corrupt traitors out of office, reverse course and save our country, then what? What are we going to do?

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