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America in Peril!

In the last four years, we have seen, not only a meteoric rise of leftist-extremist groups but also, extreme-right groups. And NO, the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters are NOT right-wing groups despite what the presstitute media says. The Anarchist movement IS THE REAL “RIGHT!” Why America is incapable of understanding this is the result of the American educational system which, has failed our young, in more ways than one. Whether by design, or otherwise, I’ll leave that for another time.

The concept of Left and Right aren’t native to America. They were imported from the bloody French revolution, where members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president's “right,” and supporters of the secular revolution to his “left.” When the National Assembly was replaced in 1791, by a new Legislative Assembly comprising entirely new members, the divisions continued. "Progressives" sat on the left, "moderates" gathered in the centre, while the "conscientious defenders of the new constitution" found themselves sitting on the right.

The Founders of our Nation, wise beyond our understanding, recognized early on that, for our nation to survive both the test of time and man’s dark tendencies, a form of government had to be established whose concept of governing was “centrist” in nature and constitutionally restrained. Not too much government, so that it wouldn’t become tyrannical, but just enough government, to protect individual liberties and foster in security and prosperity. Anarchists believe in no government, no authorities and no laws. That the true extreme Right.

In the early 20th Century several Leftist movements emerged all culminating in the taking of several European governments. The Communists in Russia, the Nazis in Germany, and the Fascist in both Italy and Spain. What they gave us was World War Two and millions dead. Then came China, Korea and Southeast Asia with more millions dying. All these movements are ALL PRODUCTS OF THE “LEFT.” It is beyond my comprehension as to how any American today can identify as a Leftist. But here we are.

Fast forward to today in America, and extremely violent anarchist (right) and socialist groups (left), have come together in an alliance we can now identify as the “Anarcho-Socialist Alliance.” It seeks a merging of resources under the concept of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend," to attack our Republic, our police, our institutions. Their networks have played an active online role in preparing and coordinating riots and destruction nation-wide from Minneapolis to Chicago to Portland. Recent Intel indicate that Anarcho-Socialist insurgents, are engaged in stochastic terror and even planning attacks on vital infrastructure. There is even the possibility of a mass-casualty event, particularly, if Trump manages to win a second term.

To spread confusion, all of the coordinated violence and chaos, that had been ignored by the Democrats and their PR division, the mainstream media, is now being intentionally blamed on white supremacists, right-wing militias (there’s that misconception again) or pro-Trump groups. A TOTAL FABRICATION which has been propagated and legitimatized, by the likes of GOOGLE. If you search violent leftist groups, what you get is an array of misinformation on white supremacy and right wing groups with a passing benign mention of leftist groups. It is unfair, it is unethical, it is a betrayal of truth and righteousness. it is treason. It is unconscionable that Americans are not only identifying as Leftists but that they are also engaged in subversive action.

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