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Alternate Realities

I have always enjoyed SciFi movies that touch upon exploration of distant alien worlds. Another favorite of mine has been alternate realities and the more I see, hear, or read the news, the more I am convinced that half the country lives in an alternate reality. Case and point, the violence consuming our country and a friend’s perspective. He is a very good-hearted, intelligent, capable and successful individual in a challenging profession. He is also not a supporter of Donald J. Trump, to be polite. He will not accept that the rampart destruction —in mostly Democrat-controlled cities—has been carried out by leftist groups in our society. He blames white supremacists and Trump supporters.

First and foremost, BLM, the group claiming to seek racial justice and police reform, has been involved in both, peaceful protests and rioting. You can’t sugar coat it. Furthermore, BLM’s leadership has self-identified as "trained Marxists," their words not mine, which by that self-proclamation alone, nullifies any righteous claims they might have been pursuing.

Another group and extremely violent, is the well-organized Leftists organization, known as ANTIFA, a subversive movement whose roots date back to the 1930s paramilitary wing of the German Communist party, “Antifaschistische Aktion.” This group is predominantly composed of young, white, self-identified communists, socialists, and anarchists. Their membership also comes from a loose federation from other fringes of society. Transsexuals, feminists, eco-warriors, societal misfits, and the Pacific Northwest culture of transient youths. But many other subversive groups are also involved composed of lesser known revolutionary Organizations and activist groups. And last but not least, criminals.

What I see everyday on CNN, MSNBC, and all the other fake mediums of mainstream media, is the playing down of the violence and destruction, or worse yet, placing the blame on their traditional scape goats, white supremacists, right wing groups or even our president. Never mind that police arrest records, overwhelmingly indicate, those arrested committing violence are ANTIFA and other subversives types, and that the looters, are mostly impoverished blacks or opportunistic petty criminals.

Granted, I could expect that from the presstitute media but, what challenges my powers of reason and logic, is how my colleague, and others like him, actually believe the lies from the media. And, I can say with certainty, that half the country falls in this category. I respect and like him, you would too, and thus I try not to involved myself in politics with him. But make no mistake. He and millions like him, will vote for Biden and for every Democrat on the ballot this Election. My friend, definitely lives in an alternate reality.

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