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Accepting alien's and not Christ?

Whether we are Roman Christians, from the Eastern Church or from different evangelical denominations, one thing is certain: we have chosen that our life be Christocentric and that our hearts are focused more on the life that comes after this one than on this one, that is. Our life, whatever happens, is determined bythe salvific act of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection, and nothing can surpass this in all of history and in the entire cosmos, since Christ is Lord of the universe and of history.

In recent years we have witnessed a growing climate of openness and even promotion of extraterrestrial themes: cinematographic, literary, journalistic and even religious.

But what is in essence this phenomenon that attracts so much attention?

I remember in my childhood my favorite series was the ''X Files'' which after spending several years I have seen again with one of my younger brothers, and sorry for the self-referential but I think this illustrates well the change of conception about the phenomenon in just two decades. Today the population no longer has a single image of this phenomenon, today and in part thanks to the internet and the openness to questioning after the suspiciously coordinated pandemic health policy, new edges previously unthinkable are already being considered.

Personally, I dare to hypothesize a possible scheme of three possible joint and non-contradictory explanations:

1- The sightings and most of the abductions where ships with metallic manufacture are observed may be unknown and advanced military material, perhaps

for the creation of a collective hysteria.

2- What humanity has always believed: non-corporeal beings but that can give the appearance of corporeality and interact with humans, even touching their

will and their souls, promoting free decisions in their lives for better or worse . These beings, some essentially good and others bad, have been mentioned since

ancient times and would be nothing more than angels and demons for us Christians.

3- Finally, perhaps what we really understand as intelligent extraterrestrial life may be intelligent beings in a non-human way, with aphysical form radically opposed to the humanoid and an approach and interaction also very different from that of the human being. These could navigate the ocean without the needfor technology and look like lights, viruses, astronomical bodies, etc. But existing with a non-neural intelligence does not mean that they are not intelligent, areal virus can, in its own way, be very intelligent.

Finally, in our obligation to question reality we must ask ourselves above all: why now?

The Bishop of Rome, a sympathizer of any supranational agenda incompatible with Christianity and, according to experts, suspected of not being a legitimate Pontiff (Codice Ratzinger by Andrea Cionci) was the first of his own to declare in the media in favor of baptizing extraterrestrial beings, then some politicians and other characters of questionable credibility and intentions have spoken.

Marshall McLuhan said that the medium is the message, we can add to his words that when it comes to the truth or a lie, many times the issuer is also the message.

We Christians will continue to be Christians even if the history of humanity is revised, even if governments determine new interplanetary world policies and even if we return to being only twelve, like the apostles.

The option for Christ, although it can be helped by theological science and is not contrary to modern science, is, despite everything, an interior option that does not depend on the academic, media or political world. The interior freedom of choosing Christ cannot be abducted.

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