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A Police Wife's Bold Request To Americans Across the Country

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

There is a meme floating around social media of a man sitting in a chair, popcorn in lap, watching wide-eyed and helpless the world on fire. From economic crisis, societal clashes, and worldwide strife, the moderate American feels overwhelmed and yet desensitized to the bombardment of chaos and catastrophe. What the meme doesn’t show, but is the most likely course of events, is that the man then rises, brushes off the crumbs, and goes about the business of life. Why? Partly because he’s not impacted immediately by it. It’s not him or his loved one immersed in the chaos.

We react to what affects our own existence. A prime example of this is the general public’s apparent apathy to the near weekly attacks on police. How many Americans have found themselves sitting just so (perhaps sans popcorn) before the TV or their social media feed, learning of yet another ambush or murder of a police officer? Is it only law enforcement families whose hearts break repeatedly? If the corporate media serves as gauge, the answer would be a resounding yes.

According to, 225 officers have died in the line of duty in 2021 thus far. In August alone, 32 officers have died. Most publicized, the murders of CPD Officer Ella French and DBP Officer Jason Raynor.

If they were our barometer for public sentiment, then law enforcement families could only believe we have been forsaken by the communities our loved ones serve and sacrifice for. Worse still, we would believe they view the men and women we call heroes as the villains of society. We would believe that we are the fraction who cares.

This fraction has watched those news and social media outlets show our loved ones in law enforcement take both verbal and physical abuse from the people they protect. They have watched them get falsely accused and convicted in the court of public opinion. They have watched them be slandered, vilified, mocked, dehumanized, and defunded. And the fraction has watched those same loved ones prepare for another day at work despite it all.

Those who make up the fraction are tired. They are sad. And they are angry as hell. They’re sick of the hate and lies, the false narrative about police in America – a narrative perpetrated by the BLM, our governing leaders and the corporate media – and one the general population seems to believe.

In 2015, about 53.5 million people had at least one contact with police, and 95% of those contacts involved traffic stops, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). According to a BJS special report, 91% of whites and 85% of blacks contacted by police during traffic stops said police behaved properly. Of citizens contacted during street stops, 81% said police acted properly. Only 2% of all citizens contacted by police experienced force, or the threat of force. - Jeffery James Higgins, Enough of the Lying

Yet, despite the media narrative, the fraction tries to keep the faith and believe our America has not turned her collective back on law enforcement. In calmer moments, the fraction asks her see beyond what a fifteen-second video tells her to see. To see the hearts behind the badges and the families that love them. They ask the silent majority – those men and women who do respect and value police – to stand up and be heard. Be loud. Be unafraid to combat the hate.

The fraction needs you. Our heroes need you more. Defend the police.

In angry, frustrated moments, the fraction wants you to realize our LEOs risk too much, give too selflessly for this kind of disregard and disrespect. To those who say, "They chose the job," we say, "Thank them for it." For it is the sheepdogs who keep the wolves at bay. Not standing up equals complicity to the madness. Fear can no longer be an excuse for silence.

America, this does affect you. Defend the police.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the assessment that something else is more important than fear. – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Fight back against defunding the police

  • Politicians want to slash police, tell them NO

  • Do your part to support police, show you care

  • Development of a national media advertising blitz to rally Americans who are sick and tired of the attacks on law enforcement and focus on the negative impact the defund the police movement is having on our country.

  • The establishment of a “strike team” of researchers and reporters to highlight the devastating impact of defunding the police in our communities.

  • We will work within our communities to highlight both the positive stories of law enforcement… and bring you the stories that are ignored by the mainstream media.


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