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A land of Useful Idiots.

Our country has a seemingly endless supply of “useful idiots,” the term more often than not, attributed to Vladimir Lenin. A term of murky provenance, nevertheless, it’s meaning is clear: “A young and ignorant, gullible individual, often highly educated (indoctrinated), who can be easily manipulated to support anti-American leftist causes and even committ acts of unspeakable violence. Unfortunately, these “useful idiots,” are all around us. The inexhaustible proliferation of unquestioning supporters of BLM fits one example. The violent ANTIFA miscreants fit the other example. The ultra-naivety or cluelessness of both, as to how they are being used has no bounds. They don’t understand the life cycle of American useful idiots” Soviet style: Identify, Recruit, Indoctrinate, Deploy, Utilize, Collect, Convert to Fertilizer. Any of these fools who think they will sit at the table of the masters is an even bigger fool. They don’t even fit the definition of dogs that will feed upon the scraps that fall from the master’s table. Instead they will be eventually disposed of as fertilizer when their usefulness runs out.

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