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A House Divided

We can have Prudential judgment and opinions on a variety of subjects. Politics, taxes, guns, social initiatives, healthcare, abortion, social justice, sexual preference etc, but even if we disagree, we must remain civil and respectful of each other because the alternative is grief and pain should we find ourselves staring at violence. However, even as I write this, leftist groups obsessed with Revolution, are planing and strategizing a campaign of resistance to Trump’s reelection.

ShutDownDC, for example, assumes that if Donald Trump manages to win reelection, it would still be "illegitimate," and a "coup," and as such, they plan to shut down the country in massive protests to force President Trump from office. That is but one group out of too many to list here. And they aren't event ANTIFA!

They have uploaded a 38 page document to Google docs meant as a guide on how to accomplish their goals, which includes among other actions, "uprisings, resistance and mass direct action." If the aftermath of the 2016 election is anything to go by, especially after fours years of media hate, liberal lies and the Russian Collusion Hoax all failing to overturn the 2016 election results, we can expect to see the unraveling of already unhinged liberals should President Trump win reelection.

Even with all the violence of the last four months, we really haven't seen the crazy train going off the rails yet, but it's coming. We are sitting on a leaking gasoline can playing with matches.

All it's going to take for heavily-armed, law-abiding citizens, many of them veterans whom are being relentlessly targeted by leftist insanity, is one egregious senseless act of irrational violence. When that happens, the Genie of retribution and vengeance, which has been under barely contained restrain, will emerge from the bottle and blood will be spilled in our streets in quantities not seen since the civil war. God helps us then. Are you ready?

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