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A Dark Winter Indeed

Biden was right when he mentioned a "Dark Winter" ahead. But the world consumed by a psychosis of Covid fear, thought that what he was referring to was the virus. The "big guy" was prophetic. The head of a family of grifters, the aging conman politician, who has made his family generationally wealthy by selling access to and influence in the government of the United States for fifty years was right after all. But it wasn't about the virus. It was an energy crisis.

If you don't know what is happening in Europe you need to pay attention. Europe is in an energy crisis of their own making. You can thank the new Green Religion for the disasters that are and are about to befall humanity.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be literally riding across Europe this winter. Death, famine, war and conquest for the useless eaters, and complete control and unimaginable wealth for the elites. These "Great Reset" people aren’t just inbred and crazy, they’re suffering from a god complex.

It is humorous that the US seems to think its Green pursuit of EVs is so virtuous when they are witness to the industrial and lifestyle carnage starting in Germany and the EU at large. With their headlong pursuit of virtue absent any sense, they are headed to the same EV dead end as all of the EU. And eventually that "Dark Winter" O'Biden warned about.

Americans take heed. Your total energy production per capita is dropping like a rock. As your politicians earn more stature within the State's New Green Church, we are headed in the wrong direction, especially in view of the decommissioning of electrical plants and the banning of combustion engine vehicles like California is pushing. Here is how your politicians are "building back better" for that all electric "Green" New Utopian future.

Look to Europe. Each decommissioned coal plant, gas plant and nuclear plant, drains even more capacity and reliability from the already fragile grid. Russia sponsored the economy of the European Union, supplied almost free energy resources. The standard of living in Europe was even higher than in the US and the Euro was stronger than the Dollar. And prices in Europe for goods and resources were lower than in the USA. And what kind of gratitude followed from Europe for Russia?

They went all in with the US obsession with the Ukraine. They unleashed a sanctions war and began to supply weapons to the Nazis. Yes Ukrainian Nazis. The war in the Ukraine is a complex one. It is a proxy war between the West and the East. But that is not our topic today so we will move on. I have a question for Europe. Are you idiots or morons? Why are you spitting into the hand that feeds you?!

I don't feel sorry for you European idiots at all! You all deserve your own collapse! Do you think that the USA is a friend and ally for Europe? Idiots, wake up already.. This is your gravedigger!

People in Europe are losing their will to live, "double-think"—the imposing of paradoxical views—has been scientifically proven by psychological experiments to have that effect. Gaslighting can literally kill its victim. And Europeans have been getting a full dose for decades.

I have a saying which is, when common sense can't explain it, there's a hidden agenda. The European energy debacle, the U.S. southern border, California's power grid, the no cash bail initiatives, the LGTBQA+XYZ and the transgender agenda, CRT, you name it, none of it makes sense to a rational mind. Normal people would not be pushing these kinds of looney agendas. Something else is afoot.

Bill Buckley famously quipped that he "would rather be governed by the first twenty names in the Boston phone book than the faculty lounge at Harvard. At least the first 20 names would be looking out for America." As for Europe, it is run by women and men who "think" like them. They vote for leftist tyrants. Either far left or extreme left. This is what happens when you rely on the gov for everything. They voted themselves into slavery.

Europe is imploding in every way possible. The only thing that will stop this unfolding crash is to stop their energy suicidal policies and stop it now. But there are no signs this is going to happen. There are plenty of signs that Europe’s coming monstrous crash will drag the globe into the Greatest Depression in history.

This all came about because "what" took over Bolshevik Russia also got a hold of the United States and it's world reserve currency. They are still in power. Killing 100 million in Russia, Ukraine and China wasn't enough for them, now they come for billions.

So now you will watch Europe die. It remains to be seen if we here in the United States will survive it also, and the other 7 billion people that are on this rock. The Devil is at the door and most people can't even understand even a fraction of the nature of this evil. Let alone fight it.

But the Will to Survive is a powerful motivator. Right now, most people are still rather fat and happy in their servitude. However, when they start to shiver and their stomach grumblings never cease, something else will kick in. When it happens it's like a switch clicks in the head. An immediate change in behavior from milquetoast to madman.

A warning to the elites. There is a species of grasshoppers in Africa. They are happy and peaceful. But when they sense scarcity and deprivation, a change overcomes them. They swarm together as locusts, devouring everything in their path. More instinctual than willful if you ask me, because you won't be in control.

We will see.

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