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A Dark Winter approaches

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Yesterday was the last day of the Republic as we knew it. The American people of the conservative persuasion, are in for real hard times. The Democrats are drunk with power and convinced of the righteousness of their cause. They will erase Trump's legacy and reverse everything he accomplished for the country, for the American way of life, for us, for the world. We are powerless to stop it.

They are also consumed by rage and our sense of justice will be assaulted by what they will do from here on but particularly to Trump and his family, now that he is out of office. But it won't stop there. They see every white male as a Trump sycophant and a threat, and as such, must be purged from every American agency that provides for their security from the secret service to the Capitol police to the military. Private security who is loyal to them and does not have to take the oath to the constitution is coming.

The Democrats will push fiscal and social policies that will rob our wallets, assault our morality and disrupt our very day-to-day existence, and they will do so with the approval of their conscience. They will silence conservative voices from talk-radio to television to the internet to social media, it is already in progress. But it will get even worse as there is more coming our way. And we will feel powerless to stop it.

But there is one thing that Trump accomplished that cannot be undone and it was that he opened our eyes to the painful truth that, the country we thought we lived in does not exist. He exposed the Establishment Oligarchy that rules our country. He exposed the system they use to control the American people. He exposed the Deep State pensioners and bureaucracy that protect the Establishment and the system.

We have that awareness, and awareness is power in that it motivates human creativity and promotes resolve. Like an old pirate once said: "Stand together with resolve or hang separately from the gallows."

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