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A Dark Winter

When scientists in South Africa reported the new variant Omicron a couple weeks ago—really discovered in Europe months ago but was too mild for the fear narrative—within three days, it was named the new terror and a new marketing campaign was initiated by politicians across the globe, along with their media mouthpieces.

Orchestration of this fear campaign for a virus with a 99.84% survival rate (use the cdc covid numbers and do the math) has required a full public relations effort consisting of the CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO, WEF, Big Pharma, Big Media, Silicon Valley Social Media censorship police, billionaire oligarchs, Wall Street/Federal Reserve, and their cognitive-challenged, empty-suit president, Joe Biden, who continues to lie to the American public, either as instructed by his staffers, or is being fooled by the likes of Fauci.

This fear mongering is based upon an absolutely nothing burger but continues to ramp up. Biden used it as another false narrative to get Americans jabbed or get boostered. Of course, the only cases of Omicron have been among the vaxxed, and the vaccines do not work on this variant. But that hasn't stop Biden from fear mongering. He won't and can't. The survival of the scamdemic demands it.

The truth is this fake pandemic is over. The longer we do not comply, the more people start to notice and begin to show some backbone. As more companies reverse their vaccine mandates because enough of their irreplaceable employees are telling them to shove it, more will follow. The courts are already halting Biden’s illegal mandates and is going to the SCOTUS. His articulate guy act is failing. His federal mandates will be overturned. This non-compliance is causing them to become more desperate.

They are flailing about, grasping at Omicron as the new lever to force into our bodies DNA altering mRNA cocktails, which do absolutely nothing to prevent Covid by their own admission, nor any of its variants. In fact, it is suspected that the vaccines, by removing the natural evolutionary pressure of a virus to lose it's lethality over time, or burn itself out, are the source of the variants being cultivated in the jabbed hosts.

The credibility of these clowns is shot and Omicron is no worse than the common cold. They are banking on infection rates to scare the emotionally weakest among us. But their scare tactics are mostly falling on deaf ears. The crazier Biden and his lunatic fringe act, the more people wake up and realize they are a joke. That might account for why 66% of Americans say they don’t trust Joe Biden. With every passing day, the Covidian Cult high priests: Gates, Schwab, and Fauci, are losing power.

As Euripides warned centuries ago, when the mob is persuaded by the honeyed words of evil men, great woes befall the state. Gates, Soros, Schwab, are evil men attempting to remake the world in a way that benefits them and their Davos cohorts.

We must not comply. We must not obey. We must not give up our freedoms and liberties without a fight. Biden warns of a Dark Winter, but he doesn’t realize it is getting darker for him and his lawless bunch. Truth will win in the end.

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