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A Crisis wasted? NEVER!!

The “Never let a good crisis go to waste” people that hate America are mobilizing. The killing of Floyd by the Minneapolis police is being exploited by Community organizers (agitators) in the "hot spots" in America . They knew police would be given "stand down" orders so not to escalate the crisis. This is "freedom" to the “Never let a good crisis go to waste” people. The freedom to vent, the freedom to loot, the freedom to agitate, the freedom to destroy a neighborhood, the freedom to set fires, the freedom to turn over cars, the freedom to rile up the African American community. Embedded now within the black criminal element rioting and looting, are many non-African American ANTIFA types. But where do they came from?. Who is organizing this violence? Who is funding the transportation and resources of these groups. And Why? The answer is simple. George Soros is the money man through a web of organizations funded through the Open Society Institute. Umbrella activist organizations distribute the money to the regional organizers with the mutual objective to create chaos. Chaos through racial strife. Chaos to exacerbate the conditions brought by the sudden economic destruction of our country. Chaos to further destroy the chances of a Trump re-election. It’s not going to get better. We are such a polarized society that there will never be any reconciliation or common ground. And you know the consequences. A house divided cannot stand.

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