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21st Century Marxism here in USA!

Liberal Progressivism, 21st Century Cultural Marxism, the Democrats’ new American Socialism, whatever you call it, is more dangerous that people recognize. They actually believe that a family and growing up with two parents, a mommy and a daddy, is another sign of white privilege, and that this creates inequity, and as such, this inequity must be crushed. I know what you’re thinking. What rational mind could conceivably assume this idea. And you would be right. You aren’t dealing with rational minds. Bethany Letiecq, professor in the Human Development and Family Science program at George Mason University, is an advocate for the abolition of the time-tested traditional family. And this is not isolated to one individual either, as the concept, has been increasingly growing in academic circles. Letiecq, who authored the study “Surfacing Family Privilege and Supremacy in Family Science: Toward Justice for All," coined the concept of Family privilege. She said: “Families are the beneficiaries of unearned advantages. Our society values and privileges heterosexual marriages over other relationships, including couples who live together, raise children together,” Letiecq argued. "Marriage as an institution is patriarchal and hegemonic at its base and is designed by men to have a hold on power.” She continued, “There is no doubt that the most effective way to mitigate privilege would be to eliminate the family. Without parents, grandparents, siblings, or any kin relations, we could become equal." Wow! How in the world can we find common ground with someone this skewed in their thinking? The answer is never. And People like this receive tenure at our institutions of higher learning corrupting the young impressionable minds of our children. America, if we don’t stop this lunacy today, we won’t save our children from living in a insane world tomorrow.

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