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2020, the perfect year for Fraud

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it? The year began with the greatest economic numbers the country had ever seen in terms of GDP, demographic employment, household income, manufacturing, etc. Our president, was extracting accountability from all our opportunistic allies while restructuring trade deals fair to all, particularly, the United States. The travel industry was setting records in terms of travelers and revenue. All major carriers were expanding and ordering airplanes, while opening flight schools to mitigate the shortage of pilots looming in their horizon, then the Chinese Coronavirus happened. And in a matter of weeks, the airlines parked half their fleets. And now, an expected 100,000 airline employees are facing furloughs and layoffs. And all of that in a presidential election year. Coincidence? If you think this is all coincidence, the world you think you live in does not exist. Never has.

Ever hear of Dominion, Scytl and Smartmatic? By now you should have, as they are a major part of the ongoing controversy regarding the now obvious election fraud. These are voting technologies of foreign origin and yet, they were used across the country in our elections. Dominion for example was used, under Cuban direction, in Venezuela as early as 2004. “Dominion,” quite a name, was created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez and then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for purchase in other countries such as Colombia and Argentina, among others. Some will say Cuba? Really? Yes, really.

Here is something nobody knows unless you have been a member of some intelligence service. In the world of intelligence warfare and covert operations, Cuba’s Communist regime punches way above its weight. Way above all others including the Mossad and even us. Just 90 miles from Key West, it's survival depends on it. Built as a surrogate for the Soviet KGB, Cuba’s DGI intelligence service was far more effective than its creator in a variety of ways. It was matched only by the exceptionally capable and formidable "STASI" of East Germany, which in fact, was brought into Cuba after the Bay of Pigs, to establish Cuba’s internal security apparatus, the G2.

With the Mariel Boat lift of 1980, it could be said that, every fit young man and attractive young woman, who landed in Miami, was a Cuban operative. In essence, every third Cuban you passed on the streets of Miami in the 1980s, was a highly trained Cuban intelligence operative. Intelligence subversion is Cuba’s only other significant manufactured export other than Cigars. Regimes like China, Russia, and Venezuela, pay Cuba for their services. Think on that, which brings us back to Dominion.

Dominion voter systems, now based in Canada, and related software, are connected to Cuba even though they are no cyberpower. But its allies are. Particularly, China and Russia. Some will say this doesn’t mean that China or Russia had direct involvement in the Dominion and Smartmatic technology, though Dominion has acknowledged the use of Chinese-made components in its machines. Really? Are you really that naive? And these voting systems and technologies were used in the entire United States this election year including Spain’s SCYTL, which of all people, Soros is a major shareholder.

“Dominion, was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba, and China has a role in it also,” Sidney Powell recently said. “So if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.” The former chairwoman of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council, Ana Mercedes Diaz, exposed these operations back in 2013 and even produced a copy of Smartmatic’s 2004 contract with the Cuban-backed regime. But how is this all possible under the nose of our intelligence community? Great question!

The Cuban DGI penetrated the heart of American military intelligence. Ana Belen Montes, was one such infiltrator. She burrowed deeply into the Defense Intelligence Agency for more than 15 years. She was arrested almost 20 years ago. But does anyone think she’s the only Cuban spy to infiltrate the US intelligence community? This isn’t fringe stuff any more. Joe Biden’s seniormost intelligence backer, James Clapper, had sheltered Montes when he ran the DIA. Yes, this is the same James Clapper who surreptitiously got passes for Russia’s top GRU (new KGB) military intelligence officers to roam the Pentagon, but accused Donald Trump of colluding with Moscow which led to the Mueller special council investigation.

But again, how is it possible that voting systems, connected to foreign adversaries, whom are all vested in a post-Trump era, were used in the United States under the nose of our intelligence community? The answer may disturb your sense of truth and justice and everything you believe in... Ever heard of Hammer and Scorecard? Well, that would be the final nail on the coffin of everything you thought you knew.

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