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1975 Cambodia is America's Future?

Is this the future of America? In 1975, the Communist Khmer Rouge of Cambodia, declared 1975 as “Year Zero.” Then, they proceeded to conscript the country’s youth, indoctrinate them, train them and arm them. Then they were unleashed upon the masses to erase Cambodian culture. They took down public monuments, they toppled statues, destroyed historic buildings, museums, libraries, temples, courthouses, schools and all cultural institutions. Countless works of art and literature were obliterated. And then they were done? No. Not by a long shot. Then, they went after anyone who would have taught, seen, read, photographed or committed to memory, that which they had attempted to erase. Millions were sent to forced labor re-education camps. Two million were deemed impossible to re-educate and were executed. Men, women and their children of all ages. In the end, people were executed simply because they used reading glasses. Don’t believe this is possible here? Maybe not today but your children may see it if these Marxists and Maoists have their way.

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